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Personal development includes mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development. Its ultimate goal is self-knowledge and finding a higher meaning of existence. In the process of personal development, one learns to connect with oneself, to accept one's unconscious aspects, and ultimately to become more whole. This leads to improved self-esteem, the ability to maintain harmonious relationships with family and friends, along with setting and achieving healthy and achievable goals in everyday life. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want to change or just feel that you need a change to move forward, the therapy I offer could help you identify and transform those parts of yourself that prevent you from connecting with a sense of well-being.


A Bit About Therapy

One of the most common concerns that most people have before starting therapy for the first time is related to expectations about how an individual therapy actually works. As in any new relationship, you and I as your therapist will need to get to know each other through different methods, which can range from purely verbal to different techniques of art therapy. In order to connect to your unconscious parts, we would most likely work with dreams or other unconscious material. If desired by the other party, it is possible to use techniques from psychological astrology and regression therapy. Regardless of the choice of tools for self-knowledge, the most important element of your therapy remains the relationship you build with your therapist and the space that is created between you, where you can safely heal your wounds, get to know your „blind“ spots, learn and develop. In this way, gradually, the sessions become the time and space you look forward to, because it is only for you and is entirely devoted to taking care of yourself and the desire to live your life more fully.

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