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Славина Коцева психотерапевт

Славина Коцева психотерапевт

My name is Slavina Kotzeva and I’m a graduated psychologist from the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. I’m also a psychotherapist trained in the analytical psychology of C.G. Jung and I’m currently working under supervision with clients. Before that, I obtained a bachelor degree in Visual Arts in the Strasbourg University (France), and that helps me a lot when working with art therapy and sand therapy techniques, that could be used both with children and with adults.

I have completed an advanced astrology course in the Alliance of the Bulgarian astrologers. Following my interest in mythology and my love for the language of symbols, starting from my practice in the field of Visual arts and continuing through the training in dream analysis, I have decided to use astropsychology as a powerful tool for self-discovery.

After my encounter with the Regressive therapy, I have decided to go through a training with one of the most experienced and well-known regressive therapists in Bulgaria. This type of work with the unconscious part of the psyche, very similar to Jung’s method of active imagination, has the ability to heal deep emotional traumas, issued from the past, as well as bring a deeper understanding of our choices and attitudes, coming from this or previous lifetimes.

I believe that these three approaches consist of an extremely rich set of techniques, that along with the therapeutic relationship, could discover the source of a given behavior or issue and connect to their higher sense of Self.


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