You deal with the past when it gets in the way of the future.


Regression is a method of going back (regressing) in time, through establishing a connection with the unconscious levels of the psyche, which are activated most often in a dream state. That part of the individual psyche stocks all the information of present and past lifetimes and contains infinite knowledge, where you could find the root of numerous issues from the actual moment. Looking at the time, when they occurred, you could find answers to questions regarding your relationships, the choices that you make and the lessons that you need to learn. This could happen in a single regression or during a series of consecutive meetings, as the topics in question would be discussed before and after each session. This extremely rich material coming out of the unconscious, in the form of images, memories, events, emotions, could be used during a long-term psychotherapeutic process, as it enables a more in-depth work with the psyche and the realization of the individual path of development.

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