Astrological psychology provides a personality theory explaining the psycho-spiritual growth as a result of the projection of the whole structure and dynamics of the psyche into the external conditions. On the other hand, it could be used as a diagnostic tool, which provides a tremendous insight into the basic characteristics which may lead to growing distress and impairment and at the same time offer the most suitable way of their resolving. In short, the individual astrological chart could be regarded as a scale model of a story of a lifetime, that gives a person the possibility to unfold their full potential through awareness and use of their own free will.

AstroPsychology believes, that each person has an innate tendency, that makes them expect certain things to happen. On one hand, the events occurring in the early stages of life have a deep impact on us, leaving imprints deep in the unconscious psyche, usually taking the form of expectations and believes about us and the world around us. On the other hand, not only the environment, where we grew up is crucial for our development – the individual nature of a person, seen through the birth chart, predisposes to the perception of certain experience in a certain way.

Astrological psychology could help us recognize and understand our most familiar behavior patterns, so that we would be able to choose whether to change and refine them or express them the same way. We could also identify and focus on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and once we become more aware of them we could then choose how to give them better expression in our life. Most important of all, we could discover the most successful direction for us to follow on our own personal path of self-discovery and improvement.

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