The feeling of discomfort, taking the forms of physical pain or illness, expressions of aggression, depression, mood swings and so on, in both adults and children, is a sign that the soul needs to be taken care of. Depth psychotherapy is a healing process, where with the assistance of a professional psychotherapist, you could go through difficult times and learn how to integrate all past positive and negative experiences, managing to achieve harmony between the soul, the mind and the body.



Every person happens to face a crossroad at certain moments, where they need to confront different issues and questions. The astropsychological consultation gives a deeper understanding of a certain situation, as well as of the overall individual’s development, providing a wide range of possibilities and answers long-sought-after. As one of the most powerful tools for achieving self-knowledge, astrology could bring deep insights regarding our perception of oneself and the world and shed a light on the individual’s path of development.



The regression is a light form of hypnosis, similar to the half-conscious state right before you fall asleep. It has the ability to connect the conscious Ego to the deeper layers of the unconscious, where all the information, related to the previous transfigurations of our soul, is stocked. This journey has the ability to remind us who we were and who we are. It gives answers regarding our emotional and mental barriers, behavioral styles, relationships with other people, as well as our true vocation.