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Славина Коцева психотерапевт


My name is Slavina Kotzeva and my mission is to help people connect with themselves and discover the meaning of their existence. I believe that the life given to us on this earth is intended to make us learn and develop, passing through various experiences that are a manifestation of the unity called life. Each individual path is completely unique, but its ultimate goal is one and it is related to the achievement of inner Wholeness.

I call this path the "Path of Self-Knowledge," or as the Swiss psychiatrist CG Jung calls    it - the "Path of Individuation." It involves the acceptance and integration of all parts of the personality, a large part of which remain hidden from the individual consciousness, which is why they are called unconscious. In order to connect with these unconscious sides, in my work I chose to work with different tools and approaches that meet the unique needs and specifics of each individual.

From my training as a psychotherapist in the paradigm of analytical psychology of C.G. Jung., I apply a wide range of techniques for working with dreams, the method of "active imagination", as well as working with sand. My professional tools also include my creative expertise in visual arts, acquired at the University of Strasbourg (France), as well as a master's degree in Art Therapy from the National Academy of Arts. The rich set of art therapeutic techniques are extremely suitable for working with both adults and children.

As part of the therapeutic approaches, I chose the practice of past life regressions. With their help, one could overcome deep emotional traumas accumulated over time, understand the reasons for behaviors and attitudes related to past choices, as well as discover the root of specific relationships we have with people from this and past lifetimes.

My interest in mythology and my love of images was formed during my training in visual arts and over time, entering the depths of psychology, it was transformed into a huge passion for working with the symbolic language of dreams. In order to deepen my knowledge in the field of symbols and archetypes, I completed a course in astrology, which I later chose to practice as a powerful tool for self-knowledge in its psychological orientation.


If you feel that I am the right person to help you walk the path of your self-knowledge, to be true to yourself and create your own life in a unique and authentic way, you can contact me at the phone number and email address listed on the webpage.

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