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Each and every one of us, at a certain moment in life, has had the feeling of inner emptiness or frustration and despair, but there are people that stay with that feeling for a long term of time, preventing them from sustaining a fully functioning life. I think that symptoms, as the way we feel, react and communicate, are expressing a part of  us that has not been taken care of. Yet, they contain the information about what we need to heal in order to find greater meaning in our life. My goal is to help you identify and integrate your unconscious parts so that you can connect to your broader and more authentic sense of self.


A Bit About Therapy

Therapy is a unique journey, related to the individual development, initiating in the psyche. Depth psychotherapy, which I practice through dream work, active imagination and different techniques from art therapy, allows exploring the unconscious aspects of the psyche. By establishing a connection with them, you could become more conscious about the choices you make and find a greater meaning in life. The broadened self-knowledge born throughout the therapeutic process leads to the development of new attitudes and sensations in different life situations. Therapy could be regarded not so much as a medicine, but as a healing process, demanding the active participation of both the client and the therapist, so that the individual path of healing and development could occur.


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